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Teeth whitening is one of the quickest and cost-effective cosmetic enhancements guaranteed to improve your appearance dramatically. At We Love Smiles Dental in Hawthorne, California, Dr. Hedieh Hashemi offers professional teeth whitening that will have you loving to smile as well. To learn more about our teeth whitening services, call or book a consultation online.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why do my teeth look dingy and stained?

Many factors can cause teeth to look yellow, gray, or stained. Poor oral hygiene habits can play a role, but for most people, the biggest causes of tooth discoloration are foods and beverages. Some consumables, like red wine, coffee, dark berries, and deeply colored spices, can penetrate tooth surfaces and leave discoloration behind. Natural and artificial food colorings can have the same effect. Also, foods and drinks that are high in acids, like citrus fruits and juices and energy drinks, can cause tooth enamel to soften temporarily, making it much easier for stains to sink in. Tobacco use is another common cause of superficial tooth stains.

How does in-office teeth whitening work?

In-office whitening uses a special whitening agent that’s activated by light. First, Dr. Hashemi places a soft guard in the patient’s mouth to keep their lips away from the tooth surfaces. This helps prevent the whitening gel from being wiped away. Next, the gel is applied to each tooth and is exposed to the light. During treatment, the gel may be reapplied several times to ensure optimal results. Once the session is complete, the gel is removed,and patients enjoy their whiter, brighter teeth immediately. An in-office treatment usually takes about an hour and can brighten teeth up to 10 shades. We also provide take-home kits so you can maintain your new smile.

Are professional teeth-whitening treatments better than over-the-counter bleaching products?

Yes, for a few reasons. First, in-office whitening treatments work much faster, offering dramatic results in only about an hour. Because a dentist oversees these treatments, they can be customized to the patient’s preferences and the results are very consistent. Meanwhile, the custom-fitted trays of a take-home kit are designed to keep the whitening gel in contact with the entire tooth surface, which produces better results than the one-size-fits-all solution of a drugstore kit. Plus, professional whitening treatments enable the dentist to look for — and treat — small issues like tiny cracks or small cavities prior to whitening, reducing the risk of sensitivity.

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